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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cheeky Peace

Mahmoud, what are you doing?! First you claim to have captured CIA agents. Now you've unleashed "students" on the British Embassy. If you weren't nuts, you'd pipe down, sit back and let Barry allow Sharia to go viral all around you. Don't you realize that shouting DEATH TO AMERICA seriously hampers Barry's re-election plans? That's the one thing that can get you in serious trouble with the One. If you could only quiet your inner mad dog, Barry will take care of that DOWN WITH AMERICA thing for you too. –Dale

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pilgrim's Progressive

1620, Plymouth Massachusetts. Our Out of Order historian has discovered a heretofore unknown Pilgrim Father named Squander Obama. Squander, along with a small contingent of other Communitarians had stowed away onboard the Mayflower during her historic voyage. While not a signatory to the Mayflower Compact, Obama was reported to have been present for the occasion. Amazingly, none of the Communitarians were adversely affected during "The Starving Time" that first winter, in fact, they seemed quite robust as they watched half of the other colonists die. Happy Thanksgiving. –Dale

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dreams from My Second Term

Barry Obama, the Anti-Reagan, having done for the word "HOPE" what homosexual activists have done for the word "GAY" is no longer happy to simply undo everything that Reagan accomplished in the United States. He dreams of bigger things, like taking a leading role in turning the world over to the enemies of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. –Dale

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Gospel of Marx

Almost three years into his ministry, the real Messiah had eliminated disease in Israel and preached the Gospel of Peace with God to the entire nation without a teleprompter. How's the American left's smooth talkin' secular savior doing by comparison? With the complicity of a thoroughly corrupt leftist press, he has used the politics of race, class and sex to divide the country to near Civil War proportions. He has plundered the treasury for the sake of self and party, causing his enemies (us) to potentially finance the fundamental transformation of a once free society into one more socialist basket case. That's the problem with false messiahs, somebody else is always getting crucified. –Dale

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mitt on a Mission

What is Mitt Romney peddling? If you said a bicycle you'd be partially right. Partially right just like Mitt's politics. He seems to have the Obamaesque ability to take both sides of any issue simultaneously. The establishment Republican intelligentsia seem to think that's a winning combination. But what about the third rail of Mitt's faith? Numero uno Latter-Day Saint, Mormon prophet Joseph Smith, declared orthodox Christianity to be an abomination. That orthodox Christians would be reluctant to assist in raising the stock of a candidate belonging to the organization espousing this notion comes as a shock to many in right-wing punditry. Shouldn't any organization in which Harry Reid is a member in good standing be viewed with suspicion? What the pundits and the RNC don't get is that the prime directive for Evangelical Christians is the dissemination of the Gospel. Christians must vote to retain as much religious freedom as possible, yet we are accused of religious bigotry and hatred for taking a candidate's religious affiliation into account when deciding whom to vote for. Christians do not hate Mormons, we simply believe them to be victims of a false religion, just as Barack Obama is a victim of Jeremiah Wright's twisted theology. If the choice is Romney or Obama... go Romney! P.S. If anyone is concerned that Mitt is pictured here breaking a helmet law, Mitt's hair officially qualifies as impact resistant. –Dale