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Thursday, March 13, 2014

The IRONic Lady

Hillary has worn many hats. College radical, shady lawyer, cattle futures whiz, long suffering first lady, cookie hating mom, undistinguished Senator, and finally Barry's hapless Secretary of State. Strangely, her many endeavors are best characterized by what she didn't know, when. Only a common house cat is better at covering up its own messes. If America's voting public is not yet ready to abandon novelty elections, they might do better to skip proving they aren't sexist and go directly to proving they aren't specieist and elect the cat. –Dale

Thanks to Fairfield Pinpoint Edwards, Editor at All Right Magazine for suggesting the theme.


LL said...

Well done, Dale. Timely and timeless as usual.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

The cat has my vote!

Dale said...

All hail President Boots

Dolores Lopez said...

Love that picture of comrade hillary! She is Obama in a dress and wig. Both marriages are of convince for the clintons, and the obamas!

lovesports said...

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Anonymous said...

Jack ~~~ Hillary is all right if you're a Democrat ~ { hmmm ¿ } ~ I've had a good friend, Royce, that liked Bill Clinton... I guess... [he had a big picture of him in his home]. He was a member of the American Legion, & was traveling on the ship Bunker Hill through the Panama Canal when WWII ended.. ( actually his father was involved in constructing the canal... Quite a coincidence. )