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Wednesday, July 24, 2013


The Chris Matthews mystery has been solved. Researchers have discovered that Matthews suffers from advanced stage Cerebral Thrillosis. CT occurs when the brain reaches its maximum containment level of leftist ideas. Once saturation is complete the abnormality begins to boil over into other parts of the body, most often an extremity. A common initial symptom is described as a thrill up a leg associated with autocracy. In the final throes of this condition, the patient's tongue becomes incapable of forming credible statements. CT is highly contagious as evidenced by the behavior of all the employees of MSNBC.  The old adage is true, "The leftist mind is a terrible thing to express." –Dale


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I always thought it was "A liberal mind is a wonderful thing to waste."

Anonymous said...

A-Hah! This explains a LOT. I knew something was up with that fizzler.

As an aside, I'm grateful that this portrait doesn't go Giraldo low, seeing as Matthews is possibly naked...

Dale, so glad to see you're still in the fray! You're NEEDED!!

Ruth in Iowa

MadJack said...

Awesome as always! Tingles definitely has a mental disorder and now I know what it is called. Thanks Dale! :)

LL said...

His brain is boiled to the consistency of a basketball.

Unknown said...

Hi; I'm not good at graphics, but if you know someone who is, here are two suggestions:
1. "It's All In The Family" caption. Archie Bunker's living room. Bill Clinton seated in Archie's Chair with the TV remote. Anthony Weiner as "meathead" with long hair looking at someone on his cellphone. Hillary as Edith standing next to him with a shocked expression on her face as she see's what he's looking at on his cell.
Huma as Gloria the daughter dressed in a heavy burka, holding a Koran cookbook while fixing dinner. It's a thought, run with it.
2. Spidey with George Zimmerman's face and a caption:
"Your friendly neighborhood Zimmerman". It's worth a try.

Race Bannon said...

I know people who see him around Alexandria - apparently its not an act, he's an obnoxious drunk in real life too...