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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Il Douchey

Does Barnito still have the juice? A cluster of legislative failures, is making The One look pretty watered down these days. His thwarted attempt to ruin Summer vacation travel for the masses, in order to blame the pain on his enemies, is a biggie. All he seems to have left in his bag of tricks is the fast-tracking of cultural rot and the absolute corruption of every Federal agency. –Dale


LL said...

Your artistry captures the essence of the "leader of the free world" and nobel prize winner.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Isn't the boy king a piece of work.

Dale said...

Dear Leader is definitely a piece of something.

Sheik YerBouti said...

Il Douchey - HAHA - perfect!

The MUSEman said...

That's odd... the tower in the background doesn't look "Minaret" enough ;-)

As for the Obama Sequester's FAA cutbacks, I believe they were all non-Union employees,as Union contract stipulates at least 1 year notice before cuts in personnel.

Keep up the good work Dale! Always a pleasure!

Anonymous said...

Ivan here.

Fantastic. However, you do a disservice to Benito by your comparison to Il Douche.