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Thursday, November 1, 2012


The "Mainstream Media" continues to ignore the Benghazi Superstory in order to protect Dear Leader. No longer a nation of laws devoted to individual liberty, the U.S., thanks to the continuous deception of the media bootlickers, has become a nation of true believers and infidels. Few Banana Republics have a "free press" so complicit. See you on November 6th. –Dale


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Gotta love them onions. Dale, you captured the marriage between DuhWon and our so called free press.

Dale said...

Thanks Odie,

Ol' Joe just can't help himself. I think he's at his best when he's trying to be one of us. Down to the wire now, this is it.

DC said...

The media and Hollywood -- two of the biggest whores strolling Okenya Boulevard today.

Anonymous said...

The "Las Vegas Review Journal" just did a SCATHING editorial on Obama's handling of Benghazi and other things. Maybe the media is starting to wake up.

Excellent Art, Dale. My heart is already pounding in anticipation of November 6. I'll see you then.


Ruth in Iowa

Papa Giorgio said...

WOW! One of your most powerful... and it is because of that hand-print. I couldn't get that print out of my mind for days after seeing it. One count of the hajjis killed by these two NAVY SEALS was 60. Even if half that, these guys are not only heroes but contributed to the net justice in the world... even when their own administration tries to keep the status-quo, and some would argue add to the net evil in the world (explicitly or implicitly).

DC said...

Yes, Papa, it's that handprint -- I don't think any of us are ever going to be able to forget the handprint. Those two SEALS alone did more on behalf of this country than its Emperor and His New Clothes. And Biden: Tells the father of one of Lady Liberty's fallen war dead that the man has testicles the size of cue balls. That's what the father of a dead son would want to hear, isn't it? Real class. Pick more onions, Biden...

And now it's Monday, the 5th. One more day to go. And I wonder what it will be like, given I live in a swing state and days ago they found some of the electronic voting machines changing Romney votes to Obama votes. Oddly, our Secretary of State didn't seem much concerned. What about ALL the early-voting ballots then? How many have been tainted? It seems there is no end to this corroding effect on the American people by this Marxist alien African that occupies our White House. I go into the voting booth tomorrow with great worry there has been voter fraud. Nobody wants to hear it, but I sincerely believe Obama is the forerunner to the Antichrist. Satan needs one more term to finish us all off, and he's doing his damndest to see his minion get it. We are fighting the Devil in this election!

Well, it's all in the Good Lord's hands tomorrow. He will decide for us, ultimately, what is to be. Bless you all, friends and fellow citizens. See you in spirit at the voting booth.

Dale said...

We have a leader unworthy of his people. Hope we can fix it tomorrow.

DC said...

Dale, I believe we have done all we can do. It is time now to rest a bit before our work tomorrow. Remember one thing, though: If the puppet of the Great Deceiver is to garner a second term, it will not make us go away. Our battle will have just begun. We are brothers in arms and we will go into the battle together. Remember we fly under the banner of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, our first allegiance, and the Good Lord takes care of His own. As Ronald Reagan once said: "Evil is powerless when the good are unafraid." God bless, my man, and keep up that artwork that speaks Truth.

Anonymous said...

Greetings, Dale!

Just wanted to drop by on THIS, the turning point for our country and THANK YOU for helping me through these past several weeks when I first discovered you and your art.

I have NO DOUBT in my mind that even with all the dead and double voting, Obama will NOT be able to overcome the zeal of an awakened giant. I guess we have that to thank him for, at least.


Landslide for Mitt! 300+

Ruth In Iowa

Anonymous said...

Caught the finger, the shadow on his face and the other hand resembling the handprint symbolizing his attempt to ward off the evil eye. The daffodils were also a strroke of genius. I love you, Dale!!