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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Valley Forgery

My apologies to the memory of Arnold Friberg, the fine artist who's masterful "The Prayer at Valley Forge" is reproduced above my parody, "The Player at Valley Forge G&CC." George Washington chose to suffer for our country's sake along with the Continental Army at Valley Forge during the darkest days of our new nation. By contrast, our current "leader," causes the nation to suffer for his sake while he and his leftist minions engineer our darkest days since Valley Forge. –Dale


Anonymous said...

This latest parody is all the sweeter after last night's debate, knowing that this Forgery that's been occupying the white house (when he feels like it. When he needs to put his feet up on the desk for a spell) will soon be packing up his (golf) bags and LEAVING. And we'll have a real president again.

And the dark days we've been experiencing for the last four years will finally be behind us.

Once more, excellent work. Thank you, Dale!

Ruth in Iowa

LL said...

You kicked SOLID butt with this one, Dale!!

Dale said...

Romney did a real good job last night. We all need to keep the pressure on. Thanks to you guys for your encouragement. Hope the fraud is turned out on his EARS.

Anonymous said...

...his big ol' Mickey Mouse O'Dumbo EARS.

Ruth in Iowa

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

You're the finest artist I know. Friberg will forgive you. Next the Pantload will pee on the ball to get it to go in.

The MUSEman said...


Obama doesn't need to "baptise" the ball to improve his game: I believe his Executive Order #933 makes it a Federal Law that he do no worse than par on any golf course! LOL

Thanks for reading!

Dale said...

Whatever he shoots will become -3 par for that day. So let it be written...

Neil A Russell said...

I hope one day he can play golf below par.
As long as it's well past his being a sub par leader.

Four more weeks! Four more weeks!

and for Mr Prez his own self:

Fore more weeks!

DC said...

"Four more weeks! Four more weeks!

and for Mr Prez his own self:

Fore more weeks!"

Hahaha. And Dale, as usual, your art is a serious breath of fresh air for Truth, Justice and the American Way.

The Conservative Lady said...

Excellent. Sharing on TCL FB.

Florida Security Systems said...

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