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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Reading Between The Liars

The jive is alive at the DNC. The national embarrassment known as the Democratic Party has been on display all week as they prepare to re-install their beloved dictator. Speech after speech, belching out lie after lie, the participants cry for the unrestrained slaughter of babies, taxpayer financing of Sandra Fluke's $3,000 a month condom habit and absolute control by the intelligent few over all of our lives. The comedy stylings of Ol' Salt N' Peppa must have Ol' Marx and Engels in stitches. –Dale 


LL said...

It's a lot like a medicine show at the DNC. The ring master announces the acts. Biden provides the comic relief and Barack-the-Mysterious tells everyone's fortunes.

The problem is that the price of admission is somebody else's money and if you don't want to see the show, you're obviously RACIST.

Great artwork as usual, Dale.

Dale said...

Thanks LL,

We're trapped in a Fellini movie, without sub-titles.

Neil A Russell said...

I almost wish the convention could go on for another week, the more these yoyos lie, even to their own delegates when it comes time to vote on motions, and the more they offer up their disdain for freedom, free enterprise, and American values, the better.

Check out the video of a number of delegates at the clown convention saying they would support a cap on corporate profits:


Sooner or later even the most "American Idol"-addled voter will get the idea that the democrats are only interested in turning the US into a Soviet style social system.

And if people think they'll be getting "democracy" out of the remains of our Republic, just refer to the "vote" yesterday at the DNC over revising the language of the platform.

I've been thinking this was pretty much a replay of 1980 but the more I listen to the democrats the more I think it's becoming 1972.

Either one is fine as long as the result in November is the same. I don't want to "belong to the government".

Great artwork as usual Dale, love the look on Obiden's face!

Dale said...

Thanks for the great comment Neil. The only date you left out is 1984 (the Orwell version), which is a worry considering the limited reporting that the real Democrats will get from MSM. The American Idolators may only see the happy face. Hope your assessment is right.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

The only place where God gets booed. All the communists, that are somebody, are there.

Anonymous said...

Except for that part where the contraceptives were used to treat ovarian cysts.