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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Electile Dysfunction

From sham marriage to American foreign policy in shambles, Hillary has come a long way, baby. While Barry subjects himself to intense grilling from giant intellects like David Letterman and Whoopi Goldberg, Hillary, with the help of Saudi princess, Huma Weiner, has been left in charge to implement the 'albatrossic' Obama doctrine of betraying friends and coddling enemies. Hillary is taking the meetings Obama has no time for, and has, in effect, become our proxy President. A bumpy road indeed. Unfortunately, those bumps are the graves of patriots. –Dale 


LL said...

Dale, I don't think that either Hillary or Barack loose a moment's sleep over the graves of patriots or their blood that cries from the ground.

Such is the moral state of affairs in Amerika.

Dale said...

I get the same impression LL. I noticed how dispassionate Hillary is at her press conferences. Barry always resorts to mentioning his daughters in context of some national tragedy when he needs to pretend to be concerned.

Neil A Russell said...

While I love the artwork on this, I don't think the Hildabeast is going to worry too much about accusations from Barry.
Once he loses he'll be old news by February, and after that just a minor news item whenever he gripes about something Romney is doing ala Jimmy Carter

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Ah yes, Dale, the woman who would be King. I hope the left sees what a poor President she would be without her being president. Oh probably not huh. They're just not that bright.

Dale said...

Odie, that any of these clowns are anywhere near power, speaks volumes about how not bright the voting public is.

Anonymous said...

Boy, I miss Bush. He wasn't perfect, but at least I felt like we had a president who loved his country.

Another EXCLELLENT job. Thank you!

Ruth in Iowa

DC said...

Working for Baracula has obviously drained much of the red blood cells needed for Hillary to claim authentic American citizenship and robbed her of all the life-sustaining vitamins needed for pursuing the American dream. She needs a Romney-Ryan serum immediately.

Ron Russell said...

Seems like Obama just can't get it "straight", the story that is. Great artwork Dale. Got it up and running at Obama Cartoons and Political Incorrectness.

The MUSEman said...

Dale, Obama's still going to blame Bush: After all, the Liberals will say, Bush (1) allowed the rich to get richer, setting the stage for Class Warfare; (2) deepened our dependency on oil to the point where we can't easily switch to "green" fuels; (3) antagonized the Muslim world by fighting an "illegitimate" war with Iraq; (4) etc.

If Obama loses, the Dems and the mainstream media will start this narrative on Nov. 7th... in order to set the stage for Hillary in 2016.

Once again, great work Dale!

Thanks for reading!

DC said...

Just got some news today that Sears [spouse's employer]is going to quit our health insurance and just offer employees "cash bonuses" (HAHA) so we can all go out and try to buy our individual families an insurance package on our own. We tried severing from the company package years ago because Sears loves to play a shell game with our insurance every year, but to buy an individual policy is serious more money than the price when going in co-op with a company and coworkers. What happened to Obamacare taking effect in 2014? Take a good gander at this quote below, fellow citizens, because I'm sure this is just the start of the removal of all our company health packages, starting with the big outfits like Sears. Obamacare has taken another giant dump on the American public again. The monster continues to grow -- another tentacle of the O-ctopus sucking the life out of all of us:

"The change takes place on Nov. 1, with employees switching over their coverage on Jan. 1 of next year. Sears has 90,000 employees to transition to the new system, a change the company hopes will save it substantial amounts of money.

While the federal insurance plan, commonly called Obamacare by both supporters and detractors, sets up insurance exchanges for workers who want to purchase their own insurance on the open market, Sears will be using exchanges still backed by employers."