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Thursday, August 9, 2012


NASA has come a long way since 1968, when they were sued by Madalyn Murray O'Hair for the Apollo 8 crew's reading of the first 10 verses of Genesis, as they viewed the Earth from Lunar orbit. Today the great technological achievements of the agency are overshadowed by an increasingly anti-God mindset that pervades the scientific community as a whole. A recent example is the purge of Intelligent Design proponent, David Coppedge from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Talk about being lost in space, it's as if Dr. Smith has been put in charge of the mission. Warning, warning, Will Robinson! –Dale


The MUSEman said...

Once again, an artistic masterpiece!

No worries, Dale: God works through them whether they realize it or not.

Besides, no matter what scientists discover, reveal, or conclude, one can always ask "How did the Universe begin, and what existed before the Universe started?" It's a question science will never answer, even with God working through them - that's left to "faith".

Thanks for reading!

Dale said...

Thanks for commenting Museman. I know God is in control and His will is accomplished regardless of the vanity of men, but it's my hope that by pointing out the absurdity of what's nothing more than idolatry dressed as science, the hearts and minds of some may be opened to the truth. I don't think they should be allowed to go unchallenged.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Did we hitch a ride with the Russians on this mission?

Dale said...

No Odie, we paid 2.6 Billion to put a nuke hybrid Chevy Volt on Mars. Maybe they'll find something we can use out there if there's any time left after they get finished trying to prop up their atheism in space. Ruskies would've put up a diesel Zil.

DC said...

Madalyn Murray-O'Hair...I haven't thought of her in years. And, yes, Museman, God certainly does work through these atheists. His will be done. Note that Madalyn's son William is a devout Christian and preacher today. The Good Lord always gets the last laugh on these arrogant atheists.

ZZMike said...

I vaguely remember M. M. O'Hair.

Sometimes it seems like atheists spend more time thinking abut God than we do.

The MUSEman said...


Looks like NASA might not be completely Godless after all: The MSL Curiosity includes a 1909 Lincoln penny as a calibration target - official reason was to have the 2009 launch commemorate the 100th year of the penny, but launch was postponed.


Perhaps the real reason was they wanted to put their trust in God?

Thanks for reading!