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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Roberts' Rules of Odor

Everything is rotten in the District of Columbia, and the Supreme Court is no exception. The Liberal Thugocracy seems to have won the day by the usual means of intimidation and threats. Chief Justice Roberts is now the darling of the elitist left media and cocktail circuit. They didn't even have to release the 99% to get him to fold. Have a happy Independence Day, it may be our last. –Dale  


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I've thought from the beginning some one has photos of Roberts in women's underwear.

Neil A Russell said...

It would be funny if it weren't such a grim prospect for America.

Just wait until you have to fill out your 1040-H and list all the "hazardous" items in your home that will add to the tax for the "affordable" health care bill.

Line 12a: List all firearms in your home including caliber, magazine capacity (if applicable), and serial number.
Line 13: Multiply total number of firearms by $1200. This is your Federal Health Hazard Firearms Protection Tax.
Note: Failure to list any and all firearms may result in a $10,000 fine and a prison term of 10 years or more.

Line 14: Tobacco and Alcohol products...

Think they couldn't?

I'm sure the option will be made available to drop off those hazardous firearms and avoid that partion of the tax/penalty.

By the way when I read your paragraph describing the excellent painting, I thought it said "cockroach circuit" at first.
Which would be highly appropriate too.

Scott Harris said...

Great artwork as usual Dale.

It's a sad irony that on Independence Day, we are reminded that SCOTUS eroded the people's independence last week by allowing government to tax/penalize, in order to force the people to do what government wants.

SCOTUS just set out a very dangerous precedent. The Road to Serfdom is now an eight lane highway... Obama's "shovel ready" project.

Adolf and Karl would be proud.

Dale said...

Ominous comments, but sadly we're in for a long fight with these lingerie wearin' gun snatchin' cockroaches!

Sergeant D Honored Veteran said...

The mandate is a tax
The mandate is a penalty.
ObamaCare is unconstitutional.
Take you pick, who cares, it's semantics, the point is Obama and his supporters distort the facts any way they can and any what they sand defeat the opposition. . That has always been their game.
But have no fear, don't let your hearts be troubled, Romney will be fine. The country has wised up to Obama and his dirty tricks

coashddjj2 said...

You all must be discussing TV's "Kangaroo Court," starring Justice Roberts, a new and very predictable sitcom. I would have found it very funny had it not been a reality show.

Anonymous said...

It has become very easy to control any and all officials at any level. Only persons at 100% clean dignified and integral lives can withstand controlling efforts. Secondly, only those willing to lose something will be able to sustain resistance to control.