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Thursday, July 26, 2012


If you can find your doctor, you can keep your doctor. With the "Affordable" Health Care Act still alive and looming, palliative care specialist, Dr. Barry "Graves" Obama, bids farewell to another useless feeder. In the world of Libberish, where child murder is called choice, one can only imagine what affordable health care really means. –Dale


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Obamacare wasn't about healthcare, it was about Obama.

LL said...

The giant RED FLAG with ObamaCare is that Congress and the Executive Branch EXEMPTED THEMSELVES from it. What is that all about?

As usual, Dale, you hit the nail on the head - hard.

I guess that if the Republicans can't find a way to repeal it that I'll end up going to Mexico for quality care in the future as I become older and no longer eligible for medical care (a useless feeder).

What a country.

I have to go to Mexico and pay while wetbacks can swim the river and get free care in America.

Anonymous said...


ObamaCare requires Congress to get their health care from a cooperative, just like the hoi polloi - but, it doesn't say they can't set up a cooperative that only members of Congress are eligible for. So, their gold-plated plan(s) won't change.

It's the same old story.

Thanks for reading!

Dale said...

Odie, Everything's about obarry. I wonder how that affects Obama's re-elction chances?

LL, I smell an investment "opportunity" Off-shore, free market hospital ships.

Anon, You're on to them. Let's hope they're not on to you!

Thanks for the great comments as always.

DC said...

I had a friend send me an article that stated that in the Obamacare paperwork -- probably Page 987 in the fine print -- there is the requirement that we will all have to be chipped by 2013 with our medical info. Hello 666... I want the Mini Me Antichrist out of our White House.

Dale said...


I saw that rumor too, but I didn't see anything explicitly stating the chipping thing in the section of the bill they cited. I think Barry just works for AC. His job is to make the USA irrelevant and powerless so the New World Order won't have any obstacles.

DC said...

Dale, I hope it is a rumor. Nevertheless, it's so easy to imagine Big Brother Barry doing this. I'm surprised he hasn't forced us Christians to have a number stamped into our forearms and put on railcars. Meanwhile, though, speaking of Christians, another politician has joined the rainbow bandwagon (Mayor Tom Menino of Boston) in declaring war against Chick-Fil-A, a Christian organization defending true marriage. I just wrote the mayor and his boss, Gov. Patrick of MA, a nasty e-mail about it. Menino is threatening that if CFA needs licensing in the City, he will "give them a difficult time." I'd encourage anyone out there to support CFA by patronizing their restaurants and start writing e-mails to these out-of-line politicians and wayward companies that support the practice of homosexuality. We are being persecuted as Christians -- it's the PC thing to do today. Thanks for allowing me to vent a bit. Needless to say, your artwork and accompaying descriptions are a serious breath of fresh air for Truth. Keep up the good fight, Dale. I am right there with you.

Dale said...

Thanks DC, you keep up the good fight. Railcars- Barry needs to save something for the second term. It's appalling to think that in America government officials would bring this kind of pressure to bear on a private citizen for holding an opinion. There's no evidence that Chick-Fil-A persecutes homosexuals in any way. Stalin would be proud.

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