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Thursday, June 28, 2012


Production on the set of "Mister Ed, The Motion Picture," has ground to a halt. Sarah Jessica Parker is reportedly refusing to continue filming with her verbose palomino co-star. The problem seems to be the dangerously toxic nature of horse sense to the liberal leftist actress. The only known antidote for horse sense exposure is a copious dose of twittery. Ms. Parker was rushed to her New York City home for treatment. The President and First Lady, along with a throng of well heeled twits, rushed to her side for an emergency dinner party. –Dale 


Neil A Russell said...

Why would they need the palomino to make the movie when they already have a horseface?
I'd say it's a nice picture Dale, but you managed to make SJP look like a person.

She is the one on the left isn't she?

What am I saying, of course she's on the left!

Dale said...

Mr. and Mrs. Ed?

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Which one's the horse Dale?

Dale said...

The horse is the one that looks "Rode hard and put away wet."

Edward said...

Thank you Dale for showing both ends of the horse at the same time. Sarah Jessica Parker is a horse's ass and looks like one.


Dale said...

Who knew both end could talk?

Anonymous said...

I love all your paintings. I come here often to check to see if you have a new one up. Keep up the good work!

Jason Truman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jason Truman said...

It took me awhile to track you down. Do you make the image "Battered Citizen Syndrom" available for for a T-shirt?

Dale said...

Hi Jason,

I haven't put that one on a Tee, but I'd be happy to. It may take a few days to work it up after the holiday.