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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Is The Pope Catholic?

In 2008 54% of Catholics voted for Barack Obama. How's that working out? In his second day in office, he overturned Reagan's Mexico City Policy, freeing up foreign aid money to be used for abortions. Planned Parenthood now receives half of a billion dollars a year in tax money. At this year's National Prayer Breakfast, the President stopped just short of crediting Jesus Christ with authorship of the Communist Manifesto. So why were Catholics shocked when a week later, he added another course of bricks to what Reagan called "the Wall of Hostility to religion" by decreeing that Catholic charities pay for practices which their religion classifies as sin? Hopefully, in subsequent elections, Catholics will choose not to vote for, much less idolize any politician that favors the monstrous practice of abortion. Will a politician who doesn't respect innocent human life have any regard for the first amendment? Does a bear relieve himself in the woods? –Dale  Further Reading: 7 Arguments for Infanticide


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Hopefully a majority is waking up, and continues until next November.

Dale said...


Anonymous said...

I hope they are waking up too, but I think its already too late. He isnt about to let loose of power. I've been wondering how he hoped to manage re-election when he's doing all the wrong things. Like ticking off the largest religious voting bloc in his base, the Catholic Church. Why would he do that if he hopes to win votes?

Its because he doesn't need votes. In his mind he needs to make America angry. Really, really angry. First, we need to be stretched to our individual financial limits. Then he can impose "austerity measures" that will stretch us beyond those limits.

It is then only a matter of time until we take to the streets and he can justify imposing "extraordinary" restrictions on civil liberties as part of an effort to 'restore order'.

Perhaps sometime in October?

Unknown said...

Dear Dale, Your graphic is the Best of Month in 'The Best News, Commentary & Graphics of February 2012' by Shovel Ready News. Keep up the GREAT work.. Regards, Ed Wallace