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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Go Ogle Yourself

Is Big Brother watching you? If Google Chairman Eric Schmidt is your older brother, or even if he isn't, the answer is yes. In spite of strong objections from 36 State Attorneys General, Google plans to commence tracking its users on March 1st. Schmidt, an Obama mega-doner, probably doesn't have to worry about U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder having any concern for the privacy of the public. After all, everything Schmidt collects won't require a warrant to be accessed. Our info should be almost as easy to get as an AK-47 in Mexico. If Google should accidentally lose our information, they'll probably still be able to get it from the Chinese. We must fight back against this Cyber-ogling. On the count of three, everybody google... Orwellian. –Dale


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I've heard not allowing history in your account might help.

Dale said...

Thanks Odie. I did that. Not sure it will help, we'll see.

Here's how to do what Odie recommends, for interested users:

Go to http://www.google.com

Click on ‘sign in’ at the far right and sign in

Click on settings (next to where you sign in)

Click on ‘Google account settings’

Click on ‘web history’

Click ‘clear entire web history’ to clear your history

Click ‘pause’ to supposedly stop them from collecting your web searches

Anonymous said...

Dale: Once again, great work! Unfortunately, Google might be the most visible "data aggregator" out there but they have plenty of company - firms like Acxiom, ChoicePoint, Intelius, Pipl, Spokeo, and others make their living on collecting, aggregating, and then selling everything about you - and placing the onus on you to try and protect yourself, in some cases using a service that they will gladly sell to you! Sad part is that if the US Govt profiles, even at the aggregate level, to protect us the ACLU and Libs are the first to cry "foul!".

Thanks for reading!

Anonymous said...

BTW: Instead of using Google, try a search engine such as DuckDuckGo or ixQuick - they don't track user activity, but have much smaller databases than Google. Or, try using a browser plugin such as "Google Sharing" or "TrackMeNot" that intermix your identifying info with those of hundreds of others to create a fictional person from actual information - plugins I don't consider subterfuge as I'm providing all my identifying info that Google requires: I'm just leaving it to them to sort out which info is actually mine ;-)

In both cases other tools exist. Best way to find these tools? Google the names! ;-)

Thanks for reading!

robert said...

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trailbee said...

I saw Andrew Breitbart's portrait at Woodsterman's and clicked. Here I am - impressed as hell. Great blog.
Also, I got an eletter from someone and learned how to "decookietize" myself: I use Mozilla, but it should be possible anywhere, go to Tools, choose Start Private Browsing, and use Startpage HTTPS for browsing.Your top blue line will have the (Private Browsing) notice, which has to be repeated each time you begin. Sorry. I have set my cookies to be erased when I shut down, and CLOSE OFF MY COMPUTER ENTIRELY. The only inconvenience is that I have to sign in everywhere each time because the cookies have been erased. My history has been erased, the cookies are gone. It's not the perfect solution, but is better than what I had before. It's worth a try.

I Want My Country Back said...

Here's something to think about.

When the TSA grabs your junk, they don't ask whether you voted Republican or Democrat.

The drones that are scheduled to begin flying over this country aren't gonna care if you're a Republican or a Democrat.

When they come to foreclose people's homes they don't check to see if you're a Republican or a Democrat before they through you out in the street.

Republicans and Democrats both have filed for bankruptcy.

Anybody see a pattern developing here.
Anybody want their country back?

Freedom--without it, you can't be anything.