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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Old Red Red and Red

Talk about your red flags. Barry Obama in a demonstration of extreme recycling, used the State of the Union address to pound the same old fairness drum that the Bolsheviks used to whip up proletariat discontent in 1917 Russia. Obama has put his own twist on it this time, by including the Bourgeoisie (middle-class), pretending to be their champion too. The craven moderates among us will only see that Barry is doing his  well meaning yet misguided best to spruce up the well of the house. A couple more government agencies to get it done is not such a big deal, can't we find common ground? Now, how many OSHA violations can you find pictured here? –Dale 


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Many many OSHA violations pictured here. Marxist Red is the color of the day.

plemmen said...

Twelve that I can spot right off. I’m sure there are more.
1) Improper supporting structure (no ladder or scaffold).
2) Improper use of paint container.
3). No safety retention equipment of worker.
4). No safety retention equipment for tools or equipment.
5). Unprotected personnel in work environment (no safety equipment worn in hardhat area).
6). Presence of dangerous vacuum in work area without safety labels of signs (Biden’s head).
7). No MSDS information kit in work area.
8). No respirator in presence of volatile liquids.
9). No eye protection equipment in work area.
10). No emergency eye-wash station in the work area.
11). No cautionary signage in the work area (“Hard Hat Area”, “Workers above”, etc).
12). Hazardous condition due to improper elevation (i.e., working overhead).
(My personal favorite is #6)

Robert Fine said...

The old adage, "one picture is worth a thousand words" is surely apt here. But the image of Boehner being contently crapped on is worth 100,000.

TheDuke said...

Great visual right there, Dale. You just know that Obama would prefer a pure red banner.

Anonymous said...

Obviously, fiction... Everyone knows Obama doesn't work ;-)
Great job, as usual!

Rob said...

Outstanding...... When I grow up I want to be like you.....

Anonymous said...

Red is a good color for the flag that he obviously wants for us, or maybe white.