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Thursday, December 15, 2011


As we wave goodbye to the little bottle of sunshine known as the incandescent light bulb and prepare to submit to the government mandate to illuminate our lives with Compact Fluorescence, some reflection is in order. Aside from energy savings, the CFL is inferior in every way. They're slow to come on and give off a sickly glow, flooding your room with that Leningrad ambience. If you break one, forget about it, seal off the room and call in a Hazmat team. But what about the good ol' light bulb's status as an icon? The cartoon community is being robbed of an invaluable tool to convey the dawning of a bright idea. The downsides of the Leningrad Lamp continue to grow. A new adage for our times might be, "Use an unauthorized mousetrap and the appropriate government agency will beat down your door." –Dale


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

You say it so well Dale!

LL said...

We need to go back to burning pig fat candles. Maybe it would cause the Muslims to go back home where there is an abundance of fossil fuel to power incandescent bulbs.

Susan C. said...

Hi, Dale, new to your blog, and a big fan of the toons! I have to ask, with the phrase "little bottle of sunshine" are you being ironic about the efficiency of incandescent light bulbs, or do you genuinely believe them to be better products than the CFL? Or is it that you're more bothered by the the government MANDATE that we use the CFL, be it the better product or not. (I love the phrase "Leningrad ambience", hee!) Just wondering if you insist one bulb is better than the other or do they both have their merits?

Susan C. said...

I wouldn't worry too much about the "cartoon" value of the light bulb; it's sure to live on. Cartoon characters today still run around carrying anvils, glass milk bottles, wooden matches and bags of money labelled with big dollar signs. :)

Dale said...

Dear Susan C,

Thanks for commenting. My primary complaint is the mandate and the "unintended" consequences which are inherent in top-down social engineering. I do think the aesthetics provided by CFLs are inferior and there's the toxicity thing. I'm saving up for LEDs. NEWS FLASH: Congress may be saving the incandescent bulb! Hooray for free choice! Still, LL's idea has merit, and I for one will be hoarding pig fat as a hedge. Maybe I can finally get rid of my whale oil supply.

P.S. I think the anvil has been largely replaced by the giant 10,000 lb. weight, and bags of money are regularly seen here in DC.

Anonymous said...

@Dale - As usual, fantastic! Using CFLs for a "eureka" moment just means the moment has to warm up for a few minutes. And, if the idea is a bust, the EPA needs to be called in ;-)

@LL - "Pig Fat" candles? Great idea, but I'd rather use the bacon fat to cook popcorn on the stove - yummy! (Please don't tell the FDA, OSHA, EPA, and Michelle "Baby Back Ribs" Obama about this.)

@Susan C - In 2007, before the incandescent ban passed, General Electric was working on a high efficiency incandescent (HEI™) lamp whose efficiency rivaled CFLs. After the ban? Quietly canceled. Just sayin'

BTW: The "Word Verification" for my post was "shiser" - a clever use of German, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Yeah you won't all be laughing at us liberals when you'll be 6ft. underwater. Can't wait to say "Told you so."

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