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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Blame Bush

Ever wonder why Barry seems so uncomfortable with all things Christmas? You'd think he and his government were in danger of bursting into flames at the mere mention of the word. Yet the first family has 37 trees in the White House. Upon closer inspection we find they're not Christmas trees at all, but actually Blame Bushes, symbols of an entirely different celebration. Happy Obamza? –Dale 

Thursday, December 15, 2011


As we wave goodbye to the little bottle of sunshine known as the incandescent light bulb and prepare to submit to the government mandate to illuminate our lives with Compact Fluorescence, some reflection is in order. Aside from energy savings, the CFL is inferior in every way. They're slow to come on and give off a sickly glow, flooding your room with that Leningrad ambience. If you break one, forget about it, seal off the room and call in a Hazmat team. But what about the good ol' light bulb's status as an icon? The cartoon community is being robbed of an invaluable tool to convey the dawning of a bright idea. The downsides of the Leningrad Lamp continue to grow. A new adage for our times might be, "Use an unauthorized mousetrap and the appropriate government agency will beat down your door." –Dale

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Compromising Positions

And the Magoo goes to...General Colin Powell. The rhinoceros has very poor eyesight and is regularly observed charging tree trunks and termite mounds. Similarly, the R.I.N.O. is regularly observed attacking his own kind. Perennial turncoat, Colin Powell has charged the Tea Party with a foolish inability to compromise. But what does he propose we compromise with, Marxism? I guess so, since he saw fit to endorse Obama in the last election. If the Tea Party ever decides to hand out awards to conservative renegades, this Democrat 5th Column General should be among the first recipients. Better yet, the General needs to turn his coat inside out and just be the lefty he is. –Dale