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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mitt on a Mission

What is Mitt Romney peddling? If you said a bicycle you'd be partially right. Partially right just like Mitt's politics. He seems to have the Obamaesque ability to take both sides of any issue simultaneously. The establishment Republican intelligentsia seem to think that's a winning combination. But what about the third rail of Mitt's faith? Numero uno Latter-Day Saint, Mormon prophet Joseph Smith, declared orthodox Christianity to be an abomination. That orthodox Christians would be reluctant to assist in raising the stock of a candidate belonging to the organization espousing this notion comes as a shock to many in right-wing punditry. Shouldn't any organization in which Harry Reid is a member in good standing be viewed with suspicion? What the pundits and the RNC don't get is that the prime directive for Evangelical Christians is the dissemination of the Gospel. Christians must vote to retain as much religious freedom as possible, yet we are accused of religious bigotry and hatred for taking a candidate's religious affiliation into account when deciding whom to vote for. Christians do not hate Mormons, we simply believe them to be victims of a false religion, just as Barack Obama is a victim of Jeremiah Wright's twisted theology. If the choice is Romney or Obama... go Romney! P.S. If anyone is concerned that Mitt is pictured here breaking a helmet law, Mitt's hair officially qualifies as impact resistant. –Dale


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

If Mitt were to get the nomination I would have to hold my nose and vote for him. I don't even care if the MSM, disguised as a salamander, told him he was divine. He, being a RINO, is the favorite of the left.

Dale said...

Wish Mitt would wake up. The left needs to be crushed if the country is to be saved, and I think he'll go along to get along. I guess treading water is better than sinking.

Jason Gillman said...

"The left needs to be crushed ..."


That is what many moderate Republicans don't get. We don't have any do-overs remaining.

Neil A Russell said...

No Romneys for me please, I think of him as another one of those "get along/hands across the aisle" Republicans like Gingrich and Huntsman that might as well just go ahead and say they are democrats. I wish the heads of the party like Karl Rove would get over this fascination with Ted Kennedy Republicans that they think are "moderate" and somehow more palatable and not so extreme.
That's how we ended up with McCain the last time.
Isn't it funny that the democrats don't feel the same way?
It takes a serious conservative that will run on tax reform as did Ronald Reagan to win the hearts of the voters of this nation, but you guys already know I like Cain.

Sarah Roman said...

I PRAY that Romney does not win the Republican nomination. We will be guaranteed another 4 years of Obama if he does.