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Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Gospel of Marx

Almost three years into his ministry, the real Messiah had eliminated disease in Israel and preached the Gospel of Peace with God to the entire nation without a teleprompter. How's the American left's smooth talkin' secular savior doing by comparison? With the complicity of a thoroughly corrupt leftist press, he has used the politics of race, class and sex to divide the country to near Civil War proportions. He has plundered the treasury for the sake of self and party, causing his enemies (us) to potentially finance the fundamental transformation of a once free society into one more socialist basket case. That's the problem with false messiahs, somebody else is always getting crucified. –Dale


Anonymous said...

Awesome pic and you tell the truth. How is it that he can get by with doing all the things he has done to this Country without someone in the Republican party standing up and stopping him?? Where are all the men in this Country? It seems we are all going like sheep to the slaughter :(

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Anon, hasn't been paying attention. The catch here is we obey the law and he and his friends feel they're above it.

Great work Dale.

LL said...

Dale, you have another classic on your hands. Well done.

Anonymous said...

President Obama has been a great leader. The change he intitiated has come to pass, I belive all of you feel the same way.

Anonymous said...

Human beings are strange creatures and always will be. Never satisfied, always looking to criticise-instead of motivating or giving out opinions on new ideas.It is the people who can truly build a nation. So it important to see the good side of what has already been done and move skillfully from there-