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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dreams from My Second Term

Barry Obama, the Anti-Reagan, having done for the word "HOPE" what homosexual activists have done for the word "GAY" is no longer happy to simply undo everything that Reagan accomplished in the United States. He dreams of bigger things, like taking a leading role in turning the world over to the enemies of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. –Dale


MommaMindy said...

your cartooning and your eye on the world is amazing....keep it up!

this cartoon is so real it makes me wanna' weep...I've seen that wall

Anonymous said...

"De-Zionizing"? "Hopetopia"?? ROTFL!!!

(Of course, my ROTFL is usually a "not-enough-boats-on-the-Titanic" kind of laugh, but I'm hoping that changes in 2012 :-)

Dale, your humor is inspired... keep up the excellent work! I visit your site almost every day to see your latest in insightful, artistic cleverness.

Thanks for reading!

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Great as usual Dale!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the chance of a second term is better than 50% and I won't be surprised if it happens.

Anonymous said...

You know, if 'the One' would only stand up to his handlers, and demand the destruction of this fetishistic Idol of Talmudic Antichrist heresy, I'd vote for him... and I'm a Ron Paul Republican.

Everything that legitimizes the demonic, and racially duplicitious lie that Khazarianism is somehow tied to Biblical Hebraism, when 'The Church is Israel Now' [Ga. 6:16] will and must be done, when enough people realize just who is behind the evils of the present age, from WWI and WWII to 9/11.

"God hates the Jews forever." - St. john Chrysostom

And so do I. - Fr. John+

Papa Giorgio said...

Wow, that is a powerful one... good job!

Anonymous said...

I just discovered you on American THinker. You are fabuloous!

Tyler said...

Barack Obama's position on Israel is no different from the one Bush had. He made sure the US representation on the UN vetoed Palestine's statehood bid thus preventing them from officially becoming a country. The speeches he makes about supporting Palestine and freedom in the Middle East are words as empty as he is.

Plundering of Arab homes in the founding of Israel in 1948 took away many people's rights to their private property. Palestinians weren't so radical before then and Jews had their own society segregated by their own will that included the militias that made the hostile takeover. Since then, Israel has not been doing itself any favours diplomatically and relies on its lobby in America to make sure it has funds for its belligerence (and sometimes defence). It's a tough issue to resolve because Israel does have legitimate security concerns, but a simplistic pro-Israel, anti-Muslim stance is a mockery of a nuanced issue.

Anonymous said...

you are an idiot.....

Andrew Whitehead said...

When I hear the word "nuance" used by a politician, I want to reach for my barf bag. Politics is only "nuanced" by those who lack morals, and have no basic understanding of right and wrong.

"Nuance" got us the Munich Agreement. "Nuance" drove the Soviets to sign the non-aggression pact. "Nuance" started World War II and gave us Korea and Viet Nam.

I do NOT want a nuanced political leader, I want a leader who see's the world in black and white; because that is exactly how the real work is.