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Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Fleaparty-Occupying Mr. Bags

What do we want?! EVERYTHING! When do we want it?! NOW! The cry of drug addled youth whipped up by leftist agitators. Glommunist Party Fleabaggers continue to demonstrate the Proletariat Sloth Ethic across the fruited plain. –Dale


LL said...

There are parents who are thrilled that their 28 year old child is out of the house, has put down the game controller and is out protesting because nobody would hire him/her.

(1) Their food bills are lower.

(2) There aren't fast food wrappers, beer bottles and bongs laying around anymore.

(3) Rap music isn't blasting from the stereo all night.

So perhaps for some worn out parents, there is a bright side.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

WOW Dale, you really captured their essence. Fleabaggers indeed.

Neil A Russell said...

Fido doesn't look rabid enough! LOL

Considering the makeup of the nitwits on Wall St protesting there's a case to be made that it could also be called "take your kid to work month...but leave them outside".

Some of my favorite footage of the nonsense has to do with interviews of the protesters and trying to get a coherent answer as to why they are there in the first place.

LL said...

Dogs are man's best friend.

OWS people would seem to have a far less credible track record.

Snakes: Reptiles are too clean to fit the mold.

Sharks: Who wants to criticize sharks by comparing them to the OWS retards?

Pigeons: Maybe, they're flying rats with all the fleas and disease but none of the cunning and survivability of rats. They shit all over public statues and eat free hand-outs.

It's not a criticism, Dale. Merely an attempt to draw some sort of comparison between the animal kingdom and OWS.

LL said...

Maybe a flock of brainless pigeons having a discussion of where they can get their next free meal while they crap on a statue of George Washington?

Tyler said...

I think LL missed the point, the fleas are the Occupiers and the dog is what they're occupying.