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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Choice of Toppings

Herman Cain lacks the gooey extra cheese which is the hallmark of the professional politician. His 999 plan would remove the social engineering and lobbyist feeding trough features of our currently insane income tax scheme. Time will tell if there's still hope for a "Citizen Statesman" to lead in America. Maybe he's just what the founders ordered. –Dale


Neil A Russell said...

While his detractors are busy lying about the 999 plan (and I'm talking about the ones that are supposed to be republicans) Herman is making the rounds explaining the plan.
Every day the light goes on for more people as they understand how simple it really is.
The next debate ought to be interesting, Herman himself has said the gloves are coming off, and I've always believed he is not someone you want to make mad.
Meaning of course he doesn't take crap, and he will cut an opponent to the bone, but he'll do it with a smile.
I don't think the career politicians are ready for someone like him.

Plus there's the moustache, he could be the first president since Taft with a 'tache.

I love this picture, I usually think of Herman with a big toothy grin, but you've caught the real Cain expression here.

Dale said...

Thanks for the comment Neil. Portrait painters are allergic to teeth.

Just heard Cain's position on abortion which needs clarification. Sounds pro-choicey on the face of it. That would be a big disappointment.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

You are telling a great story of American exceptionalism here, Dale.

Tennessee Vol said...

This Cain poster says it all. An exceptional job, Dale. Keep up the great work! Is much appreciated.

Neil A Russell said...

I watched Herman on Piers Morgan's "Interrupt the Guest" show last night when he made some statements on the issue and today on Hannity's radio show when he had an opportunity to clarify.

He is personally pro life, but has said it is neither his nor any politician's business to tell anyone what to do.

He is however very much opposed to using federal money for abortions and against federal funding of Planned Parenthood and stated today he would veto any legislation that crossed his desk that funded either.
Very much the way Ronald Reagan stood on the issue if I recall.

I think if there are any questions about how he stands on an issue, we'll eventually get to the bottom of it between now and the convention.
Especially if the leftie media gets their hands on it, they will try to shoot Herman down on the pro life stance.

They can bring it on

Neil A Russell said...

As soon as I posted all that hot gas of mine on the issue, I got an email from the Cain campaign with a statement from Herman.

It reads as follows:

"Dear Friends,

The abortion issue is very serious. I believe strongly that this is true, and I believe that you do too.

Because the news media loves to make mountains out of mole hills, I want to be very clear about where I stand on abortion:

I am 100% pro-life, period.

Let me explain. In an interview yesterday with Piers Morgan on CNN, I was asked questions about abortion policy and the role of the President.

If you listen to the line of questioning, it is clear that Mr. Morgan was asking if I, as president, would simply "order" people to not seek an abortion.

My answer was focused on the role of the President. The President has no constitutional authority to order any such action by anyone. That was the point I was trying to convey.

As to my political view on abortion...again, I am pro-life. End of story.

As President, I will appoint judges who understand the original intent of the Constitution. Judges who are committed to the rule of law know that the Constitution contains no right to take the life of unborn children.

I will oppose government funding of abortion. I will veto any legislation that contains funds for Planned Parenthood. I will do everything that a President can do, consistent with his constitutional role, to advance the culture of life"

mperkins37 said...

You consistently hit it out on the head. Much respect.

The Conservative Lady said...

Another wonderful portrait. It certainly lays out the real contrast between the two men. Great job.

Wraith said...

Sir, you have gotten my attention, made my blogroll and garnered a small award(for all that it matters). You have phenomenal talents in both art and perception, and I can't believe I hadn't discovered you until now. Keep up the great work!

DKnight said...

I heard and read the transcript of Cain's comments on abortion. Regardless of how he's trying to walk it back now, it sounded just like Pelosi or Clinton -- "I don't favor it personally but wouldn't dictate my preferences to others".

That combined with the fact that Cain supported Romney in 2008 and both Cain and Romney refuse to sign pro-life or pro-2nd amendment pledges, makes him a non-starter for me.

Cain has flip flopped on many issues. When interviewed in May, he was against the assassination of an American citizen, Awlaki without trial. After it happened a few months later, he saw how popular that was changed his position.

When asked in the debates what his position on Iraq and Afghanistan were, he said he didn't know enough about it and would ask his "advisors" when elected. Can we take a candidate seriously who hasn't thought about the pragmatic, legal or moral issues of a 10 year old war? And who are these "advisors" that will be forming the opinions of this malleable candidate?

Most troubling for me is his unwavering support for the TARP bailouts of the "too big to fail", "too big to jail" crowd. He staunchly supported them until at least Dec 2010 (listen on YouTube) and called people stupid who questioned him about that and his scoffing at people who wanted to audit the Fed Reserve. When Paul called him on it at the debate, Herman Cain lied. But it was in his book "The Real Herman Cain" where he called stupid those questioning him on the massive fraud of the bailouts. Then he denied he'd ever said what was in the book published just days before. How's that for being "Real".

999 is a very bad, dumbed down modification of a good and comprehensive tax reform plan - the Fair Tax. Unfortunately 999 throws out the essential part of the Fair Tax -- requiring that the income tax go away COMPLETELY before the Fair Tax went into effect so that we didn't get BOTH a national sales tax and an income tax. Cain's addition of a new sales tax shows that he either doesn't have a clue about its dangers or he truly is a sock puppet for the Federal Reserve boys.

Paul has a comprehensive economic PLAN -- not a simplistic SLOGAN. As Paul points out, spending IS taxation. Rearranging the way tax is collected is simply rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Government SPENDING has to be slashed or there won't an economy to tax. Paul is the only one to propose real spending cuts by eliminating 5 bureaucracies and rolling back most other government to 2006 levels.

Keith said...

Just FYI, the 999 plan is a temporary plan. Not meant for the long term. Its a placeholder until the Fair Tax can be passed.

I think Cain has a firm grasp on what the Presidents duties are what they aren't. From what I have heard about an audit of the Fed from him is that he feels that it wouldn't reveal anything we don't already know and that it would be a waste of the taxpayer dollar. The TARP funding he was defiantly behind. But he was defiantly not behind the way it was carried out.

Paul has one serious issue. Isolationism. We can't sit back and hold the fort and let the rest of the world do what it may. We need to say what we will do and the do what we said we would.

Alice Polarbear said...

Oh Dale, once again you have NAILED IT!!!! A perfect interpretation of Cain and an even more perfect one of ObaMao. I just LOVE your work! (Sorry for the gush. I can't help it.)

TheDuke said...

Another classic from Dale. Right up there with his best. Congratulations.

V said...

Love your work, Dale. I like Herman Cain, but I don't like his connection to the Fed and how he defends it.

I am a staunch conservative and the more I listen to Ron Paul the more his message becomes clear. His message is the only one that pushes true constitutional liberty and values.

Anonymous said...

The 666 comes closer to reality, masked as a cartoon.
Obama is demon-driven and demons have clouded the minds of many Americans...to destroy America spiritually and economically. This is of 100% certainty.

Sasha said...

Obama wasn't the one who introduced a plan that reads '666' when flipped upside down.

Seriously, I have come more and more to think that Cain's whole campaign is an elaborate prank gone out of hand.

Have you seen his campaign ads? Him singing over the screaming of 9/11 victims? The coybows one, 'He Carried Yellow Flowers?' They say nothing, absolutely nothing, in long minutes of advertisement...except give the impression that there is something deeply creepy about the man, and that he is supported by abusive womanizers.

Cain is not a real candidate. His campaign is a bet with a friend gone big.

And then, his various flip-flips, his mercurial nature..flat out lying to Paul at the debate about his support for the Federal reserve, saying 'sure, she can have an abortion! It's not the government's role to decide. I'm personally pro-life' is the essence of his pro-choice position, so what is his stand? 'I haven't thought about the wars, I'll have to ask my advisors'..?!?!?!? Where has he been?

Best guess I've seen is that he is secretly Dave Chapelle in an old guy latex mask, pulling a massive joke on the GOP.

Scott said...

One of your best Dale. love it. I will not debate Cain's 999 here, butunder it all he is a man of substance. Just look at the who supports him and who his detractors are and you will see much. (Soros group--Center For Tax Policy--detractor...Paul Ryan--supporter). crackas for Cain is up on my site.

Tony said...

1. How will soc sec be funded if there is no "Payroll Tax"??
2. Will soc sec income be taxable??
3. Will pensions be taxable??
4. Will divd & int be taxable??
5. Will food, clothing and housing be taxable??

I think there is a lot more to explain than "999"

Scott said...

Everyone should know that Soc. Sec. is funded through it's own deductions...The rest is mostly self explanatory. SSI will not be taxed unless they do means testing...Cain has gone into much of this over the years...I have listened to him for three yrs. on the radio.

Tony said...

Plz read, again what I asked. You don't seem to have a clue of what is is being said of 999.

Scott said...

Sigh,,,YES to 3, 4, and 5 in one form or another as for the most part it is now...1 and 2 asked and answered...done here?