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Thursday, September 29, 2011


Morgan Freeman, one of Hollywood's finest empty vessels, has let fly with both empty barrels at the Tea Party movement. No big shock to discover that Freeman is just another Hollywood tool regurgitating poisonous lines fed to him by his leftist buddies. One would hope that he would accept the challenge from Herman Cain to attend a Tea Party rally to see for himself. He'd find the Tea Party to be a liberty driven movement where all are welcome, not the evil KKK lynch mob he says he envisions. Something tells me not to hold my breath waiting. Freeman's ability to play likable and wise characters prove him to be a truly great actor. –Dale

An open invitation to Morgan Freeman that's worth a read.


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Yes Dale, Morgan Freeman is uninformed. It also sounds to me that maybe he didn't vote for the president because he's half white.

Dale said...

Sorry Odie, but I have to call you out. I think the correct term is Halfrican-American.

Neil A Russell said...

I should be so ashamed of myself, I'm one of those evil racist Tea Party types that's supported Herman Cain since he was running for the Senate in 2004.
Also am a big fan of Rep Allen West of Florida, Senator Marco Rubio, Tea Party spokesman Zo Rachel, and I supported Alan Keyes in 2000.
I don't know how I walk around with so much hate brewing inside me.
Oh that's right, I don't worry about it, I just support the real conservatives when I see them no matter who or what they are.

Vile, ain't I?

Excellent artwork as usual Dale!

medicineman said...

Good move Dale. Freeman needs to stick to acting, like most of the left wing Hollywood types.