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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Rape of Justice

Executive fiat. No, we're not buying an Italian car company yet, but executive orders are flying fast and furious. You see, the law is Barry's biggest impediment to "getting things done." Whether it's overturning DOMA, installing Cap and Trade through new EPA regulations or moving Don't Ask, Don't Tell to the INS, Barry and his crew are "getting things done." Things like one-party rule. –Dale


LL said...

It would have been better if Holder's pants had been around his ankles -- but you're showing good taste by portraying him as you did.

Good work.

Dale said...

Yeah, probably disturbing enough as is. Thanks LL

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I'd prefer not to see Holder with his pants down. Great work as usual Dale.

Michael Haltman said...

Good morning Dale:

I found you through IOwnTheWorld.com.

Is there a way to subscribe by email. I couldn't find it if there is.



Mike said...

Hi Dale,

Awesome work as always. Do you take requests? Here's one:

Title: The Federal Family

Obama as Uncle Same with a smile on his face, breast feeding two babies. The babies are wearing t-shirts. The shirts could read something like "Proud to be a liberal socialist".

Just a thought.


Mike said...

Sorry, I meant Uncle Sam.

Neil A Russell said...

I think Mike is on to something.
In two years the sparkle and new of Big O has worn off to even some of his the most ardent supporters, he could easily be portrayed as "Uncle Same" with his continuous big government message, over regulation, and calls for higher taxes that have resulted in a job growth number of zero for the last month.

Perhaps shown in a strait jacket.
After all, repeatedly doing the same thing expecting a different result...

Anonymous said...

Awesome pics, your site is the best!!

Anonymous said...

Dale, your work is pure genius! This is one of my favorites! A picture is worth a trillion words!

Anonymous said...

Outstanding work. The maniacal demonic expressions perfectly capture what is being done to lady justice and our nation.

Why is Napolitano doing on her knees? Surely she's not restraining Obama?

Alice Polarbear said...

Yet another absolutely brilliant spot-on political art commentary by Dale.

Anonymous said...

This is one of your best cartoons yet. The only other one that matches is Obama ripping the constitution apart and giving us all the finger.

Digital Publius said...

This is an awful image! And extremely counterproductive!

Anonymous said...

herp I think I'm doing something that helps the country.


People like you are no better than Obama.