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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Great Apespectations

The historic election of Barry Soetoro as President has overshadowed an equally historic event for animal rights activists. Bobo, a Tanzanian born Chimpanzee was chosen by the administration, to head the newly formed Bureau of Expectations. So, the next time you hear the Obama glee club, that passes for the Press in Omerica announce that, "unemployment numbers are higher than expected" or "home foreclosures unexpectedly spiked last month," you'll be able to put a really hairy face on the "information." –Dale


Neil A Russell said...

Minitru will announce that the employment growth for Airstrip One is of course improving, but could be much higher were it not for the damages done by George W Goldstein.

At the next 2 minute hate session (press conference) certain Newspeak phrases like "we inherited this" "Tea Party is a terrorist organization" and "taxes make prosperity" will be reinforced.
Later the word "taxes" will be removed from the transcripts and replaced with the more civil discoursey "revenues" or perhaps the old Hillary-speak term "investments"

Love the artwork this time, the Bureau of Expectations goes very well with the descriptive term for most of the non-tax paying electorate of "unrealistic expectations...NOW"

Scott said...

But they fell unexpectadly below all our expectations---What did?
It was TOTALLY UNPRECEDENTED!!! Another historic achievement for our young black president.---What was?-Oh all the latest poll numbers...sorry.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Now this explains it.

Great work Dale!