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Wednesday, August 24, 2011


An emergency page from my Barack Obama sketchbook.


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

You "Crack" me up. Like minds Dale ... I've been calling it the Bush Fault Line too.

Your sketchbook is better than most others' final works.

Neil A Russell said...

Since the shock rolled through DC this is apparently the first crisis that Big O can actually say he was on "from day one".

Oh wait, he was in Martha's Vineyard. Oh well they'll still say it.

LL said...

Minutes after a 5.8 earthquake struck northern Virginia today, an administration spokesman issued a statement from the President;

"What we saw today was the direct result of the prior administration's neglect and mismanagement of environmental and geological issues. The effects of the Bush administration's eight years in office was so devastating that our two years in office have been inadequate to reverse the trend of geological catastrophes that are directly attributable to the Republicans' unwillingness to address and remedy pressing environmental issues. We hope every American will join us in our fight to prevent future cataclysms of this nature from destroying our national environmental heritage, and suggest you write your congressperson today to demand they support the administration's efforts to bring meaningful compromise and reform to our geo-environmental policies." [From POTUS Blackberry on the fourth hole of the Hampton Greens]

Congresswoman Maxine Waters also issued a statement commenting that racism was apparent in this latest tragedy because the earthquake struck where [she has been told] "large numbers of black people live in rural Virginia, and just across the Potomac in D.C., just like here in California, where we get earthquakes all the time, and you don't see any earthquakes in Minnesota or Wisconsin or Montana, do you! It is New Orleans all over again!"

Dale said...

Thanks Odie, Bush's fault writes itself, don't it? After checking the basement for cracked stuff, was the first thing I thought of. How can Bush be blamed for this?

That's right LL! Why is Obama trying to kill black people?! Note: Add magic marker and poster board to emergency kit.

Neil, how cold. The mulligan man missed a putt, man!

KLJ said...

Bushes fault runs from Connecticut to Texas.