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Thursday, July 28, 2011

World of Class Warcraft

Ultimate Mage, Spendor the Avaricious, is amassing his lying hordes for a powerful assault on the forces of reality. Role playing games will never be the same... at least not the game part. –Dale


Thomas Lifson said...

Great! I would like to use this on American Thinker. May I have permission?

Thomas Lifson, editor

Neil A Russell said...

What is the saddest (or scariest) is the number of suckers that fall for this "stick it to the evil, evil, rotten, rich" and the "make them pay their "fair" share" business.

When Jugears chastises the Republicans for pushing for tax breaks for the "rich" what he carefully leaves out is that the upper earners pay MOST OF THE DAMN TAXES ANYWAY. It's a bit difficult for people that don't pay taxes at all to get a rate reduction.

But it's the easiest vote-buying gambit in the democrat bag; just make the marching morons hate anyone that works and creates wealth for themselves because obviously they did it "on the backs of the poor pitiful workers".

Perhaps more annoying is the refusal of the Republican party to refute the wealth envy nonsense.

Great artwork by the way, as always. I usually get so worked up commenting that I never mention how much I admire the art!

Dale said...

Dear Thomas,

I'd be honored to have my work on your fine site any time. Please link back to my blog.


LL said...

Playing the class envy card is what Mao did and what Lennin and Trotsky did with great success. This guy was born to a family of communists and "Uncle Frank" (Frank Marshall Davis), who surprisingly looks very much like Barack Hussein Obama, was a member of the Communist Party.

So why is it surprising that the likely lad fell as close to the tree as he did?

Dale said...

Dear Neil,

You're right on the money! The price of votes has gotten way out of hand. Thanks for your kind words, hope you continue to visit and comment.

Dale said...

Dear LL,

Have you noticed lately that every other speech dear leader gives he laments about how hard it is to "get things done" in our system?

Thomas Lifson said...

Hi Dale,

I posted this as the cartoon of the day at Americanthinker.com. (7/29) More to come, I am sure. I really like your work. Thanks for your kind permission. Let me know if you want the link edited in any way.


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Looking good Dale! He who controls the purse strings....

Kyle Kiernan said...

Great one. Desparately trying to post on my FB page but they don't seem to like it for some reason.

Dale said...

Oh well Kyle. That's the Socialist Network for ya. Thanks.

Dave said...

Totally enjoy your art work Dale, please keep it up. And the whole World of Warcraft theme is perfect for this administration especially since Obama is trying to create a Cataclysm.