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Thursday, July 14, 2011

What Would Judas Do?

Look what the sewer in front of Planned Parenthood HQ belched up. It's none other than Saint Charlie Rangel lecturing us on the morality of confiscating the people's earnings to finance more liberal societal rot. But wait... is Charlie going to be the first Democrat to figure out that nothing prevents him from paying all the tax he thinks God wants him to? Is he really putting his money where his mouth is? Naw, it's our money again. –Dale


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Oh Charlie, please show me the wisdom of your ways. Dale, you're right. Why don't these morons just write a check and leave the rest of us alone.

Neil A Russell said...

Let me preface my remark by saying I'm absolutely opposed to any kind of wealth tax.

But I'd love to see the faces on Charlie, Chuckie, Harry, and Barry if Boehner and company came out and publicly said "we've decided the President is right, it's time to hit the rich jet flying folks right where it hurts. Our proposal is a 20% tax on anyone with a net worth of $5 million or more. Thank you Mr President, we've seen the light!"

Let me restate, I support NO wealth tax, just would like to see what would happen to our elite masters if someone were to propose it.

Personally I'd prefer to pay taxes when I buy things and not have an intrusive interface with the government every year.

Dale said...

These reprobates never use their own money. If there were a wealth tax as Neil proposed, I think the back-peddling from these clowns might be harnessed as limitless green energy.

Alice Polarbear said...

Incredibly brilliant! Dale is a genius! He captures the true essence of this socialist thug. A poster somewhere else on this site mentioned the curious resemblance of Obama to Frank Marshall Davis. I checked. The resemblance is uncanny enough that I begin to suspect that Obama's "ho" of a mother may have been Davis's brood mare rather than that Kenyan.
On another note, to see a hilarious resemblance of someone to Pelosi,
go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eOLypkY8LMc You will pee with mirth!

ftwraider84 said...

Amen to the scripture hint in the corner of the picture!!! Isn't the Capitol building the present day "temple of thieves"?