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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Whip My Hair

Will he or won't he? If The Donald decides to run for President, his Secret Service detail will have some additional contingencies to consider. It's hard to say if Trump is serious about anything other than self aggrandizement, but his antics are entertaining... like Ross Perot's were... uh-oh. –Dale


LL said...

Dale, this was just TOO funny. Great stuff!!

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

He will be entertaining. Unlike Perot though, I believe he intends to run as a Republican and not split the party.

Dale said...

Thanks LL. Desired effect achieved. Hope you're right Odie. He'll certainly be good for the debate, but I don't think he's socially conservative enough for me. His political contributions to Rahm Emanuel and Blago make me wonder if he might be a vote siphon for Barry like Fred Thompson was for McCain in South Carolina.

Charles Martel said...

Hey, give the man his due!! He's the ONLY one out there willing to touch the birth certificate issue with a ten foot pole.

For this he deserves our respect and gratitude.

Could care less if he's bald, though the cartoon is, as usual, very good.

Dale said...

Thanks Hammer (love your handle). I'm bald too, but I can't afford a team to work on my look. I'm probably jealous and petty, but I thought the scenario was funny. The more I hear from him, the less suspicious I get, and his Obama BC stuff is really great. I meant no serious disrespect.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I think what Trump is doing is great. It's about time someone addressed that birth certificate problem!! He has the people and money to follow through on this mystery and get it out in the light.

I think Trump is bringing to light many issues that need to be brought out and not backed down on, due to "political correctness." He's not afraid of a fight, or standing for what he believes is right. I appreciate greatly what he is bringing to the table.