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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cool Handicap Luke

The Hollywood rumor mill is all abuzz. Scuttlebutt has it that Barry Obama will star in an updated version of Cool Hand Luke. In the remake, Barry will play the part of Luke Hussein Jackson. Caught red handed cutting the heads off of statues of the founding fathers, Luke is sentenced to four years hard labor in a DC work camp called The White House. Addicted to R&R (Relaxation and Re-election), Luke repeatedly escapes captivity only to be dragged back to prison by his sadistic taskmaster, "Captain." Word has it that Strother Martin is coming out of deep retirement to reprise his role. The working title for the project is "Tin Cup Dictator." Filming is scheduled to begin in the fall of 2012. This reporter wishes it were sooner. –Dale


LL said...

The nation would be much better off if he simply golfed all day and forgot about the his work in the White House.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Looking good Dale. It also reminds me of Caddy Shack. The Tea Party could be the gofers.

Dale said...

Aw nuts, the gopher would've fit right there under his arm. May have to do a Caddy Shack sequel.

Emanuele Dal Canto said...


Anonymous said...

"No matter how you get here..." Well, I got here accidentally by clicking through on some left-wing site. As always, when I find myself inadvertently among the wingnuts -- God, you people are nasty! Stupid, too. I find this genuinely nauseating.

But it looks like you -- or your kids and grandkids, sorry -- are going to get the country -- and the poverty, and the strife, and the misery -- that you all seem so eager for. Generations and generations of it, too, while the rich just get richer. Fools!

David said...

No wonder this fool is anonymous. Typical leftist projection.