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Thursday, February 10, 2011


He's got to be joking. Barry, his greasepaint still detectable, is on another charm offensive, doing his unbalanced best to get the "folks" to BELIEVE again. He began the campaign with his Anti-Reagan SOTU performance. Then, presumably representing the Baby Killer Babdists, he attended a prayer breakfast to profess his faith. Next stop FOX News, where Helper Monkey O'Really put him through the whitewash cycle (no spin). Finally, the Chamber of Commerce listened politely while he claimed to have their backs. What's next, an appearance at C-PAC? You've got to be joking. –Dale


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Perfect Dale ... he missed a spot.

LL said...

The picture screams TRUST ME!

Papa Giorgio said...


I think you would enjoy this partial interview of Stanley Kurtz by Dennis Prager. It goes well with your weekly:

Stanley Kurtz Interviewed


Anonymous said...

Love this blog.

Maksim said...

You work is amazing. I remember seeing "What Change Looks Like" at I Own The World, but until now I didn't know who created it. I'm puzzled that I haven't found you before now, but glad I did. Also very envious of your talent.

BigFurHat said...

Maksim, above, just e-mailed me and directed me to this site.
You are the Holy Grail of agitpropists, and we couldn't find you.

please e-mail me at

Judge Bob said...

After a long hiatus I am back to blogging. My first priority was to add an advertisement for your blog on mine via the Minuteman "Enemy of the State" poster. Links to your Zazzle sales site as well as this blog.


Now I've got to go find the above mentioned "What Change Looks Like"