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Friday, February 18, 2011

Royal Roughage

Michelle Antoinette, the queen of deified fiber, cares about you. After all, the them she's talking about is you. Too slack-jawed to feed yourselves properly, much less your kids, the First Lady is sacrificing herself by doing battle with Big Chow on our behalf. Unfortunately, Americans having freedom, will probably not eat from the list of State sponsored foods until the food you love is made too expensive to buy. Look what we're making them do! Let them eat taxes. –Dale

Disclaimer: No bustles were harmed during the making of this picture. As a matter of fact, no bustles were used.

Thanks to Red Lemur (Logistics Monster) for suggesting the theme.


LL said...


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

That's one mean looking woman Dale. Yes Sir, let them eat taxes!

Logistics Monster said...

Excellent as always, but I think you gave her the cleavage she only wishes for.

Thanks for capturing her again, and linking.


Anonymous said...

Kale??? Can I put down my beets then?

Anonymous said...

Wow, how racist and small minded...

1. Obviously people can't feed their kids properly because we are the only country that is full of poor AND obese people. We are a laughing stock. All this woman is trying to do is help create healthier meal options for our youth.

2. Making a comment about her not needing a bustle (because she's black I'm assuming) just smacked a huge stereotype sticker on you. A racist, fear mongering Tea Partier? Thanks for shedding the light on you and the rest of Americna's disgrace....

Gina said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gina said...

1. I am not a fan of processed foods, fast foods or genetically modified foods, either, and I do give Michelle Obama at least a nod for choosing healthy eating for her and her family; but diet is a throw-away issue. If she wants to champion an issue as the first lady, how about education, child abuse, poverty, health care, morality, hate crimes...oh, wait...she CAN'T champion REAL issues, as they would conflict with her husband's agenda.

2. If you're not willing to put your name on a comment--particularly when you wrongly accuse this blog author of racism--take a guess how seriously your accusations will be taken.

TDS said...

Then someone who is NOT anonymous will have to make the accusation!

But rather than stoop to the level of the label dispensers, I choose instead remind everyone here that WE ARE ALL AMERICANS.

Some US citizens seem to have decided it is in their interests to damage our country, capitalize on the mayhem, and blame others.

What are the definitions of:

Anonymous said...

Excellent. Worth a thousand words. Many thousand, in fact.

Anonymous said...

Heads up Dale, seems like some Liberals think portraying the First Time Lady as a member of the bourgeoisie is ray cyst:


Of course, most of us see right through this stunt. Keep up the great work, and and thanks for reading!