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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hell's Bellboy

Socialist poster boy Muammar Gaddafi has been a favorite of the American Left since the evil Ronald Reagan launched a retaliatory air strike against Mad Dog Muammar in 1986. Libya is now the flaming domino of the week in the ongoing Middle-East meltdown. The people of these Islam rich countries appear to crave the noble goal of freedom from oppressive dictators. The problem is, once the tyrants are gone, what is there to replace them? Islam's seething hatred of Israel and Christianity would appear to be the binding tie. Barry and the gang will call it Democracy and further distance the USA from Israel. Bible prophecy students might think the lid on the bottomless pit is getting awfully loose. –Dale

Friday, February 18, 2011

Royal Roughage

Michelle Antoinette, the queen of deified fiber, cares about you. After all, the them she's talking about is you. Too slack-jawed to feed yourselves properly, much less your kids, the First Lady is sacrificing herself by doing battle with Big Chow on our behalf. Unfortunately, Americans having freedom, will probably not eat from the list of State sponsored foods until the food you love is made too expensive to buy. Look what we're making them do! Let them eat taxes. –Dale

Disclaimer: No bustles were harmed during the making of this picture. As a matter of fact, no bustles were used.

Thanks to Red Lemur (Logistics Monster) for suggesting the theme.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


He's got to be joking. Barry, his greasepaint still detectable, is on another charm offensive, doing his unbalanced best to get the "folks" to BELIEVE again. He began the campaign with his Anti-Reagan SOTU performance. Then, presumably representing the Baby Killer Babdists, he attended a prayer breakfast to profess his faith. Next stop FOX News, where Helper Monkey O'Really put him through the whitewash cycle (no spin). Finally, the Chamber of Commerce listened politely while he claimed to have their backs. What's next, an appearance at C-PAC? You've got to be joking. –Dale

Friday, February 4, 2011

Political Asylum

Barry takes time out from padding the budget and unemployment numbers to pad a room in the White House for his latest Czar. Gunther will be economically sound, working for his fill of Fava beans and Chianti. He also has 26 homicidal personalities, making him more of a committee. A bargain as Obama Czars go. -Dale