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Monday, December 20, 2010

The Spirit of Christmas Passed

What if you crossed Sir Cedric Hardwicke with Bruce Willis? Why would anybody want to do that? No, the central figure in this picture is Christopher Hitchens. Hitchens, an undisputed master of the poison pen, is a gifted writer and speaker, who describes himself as an "Antitheist", which I gather is an active form of atheism. Odd how much vitriol the militant atheist can whip up for a figment of other people's imaginations.

Setting out to do a piece on the "War on Christmas," and considering Mr. Hitchens to be a four-star general in that war, I began researching him, and was sad to discover that Christopher Hitchens has been diagnosed with esophageal cancer. This terrible fact doesn't change the untenable nature of his stated position on the existence of God, but I hope everyone who visits here will pray for this suffering man still at war with the God who declared peace with all of us on the first Christmas. –Dale (More on the subject in the Comments box)


Dale said...

A few years ago, my father died from same form of cancer which now plagues Mr. Hitchens. Seeing him in this condition immediately elicited empathy and in Christian-speak, I was convicted of my failure to consistently pray for my enemies.

My dad was not an atheist, but he wasn't a believer as far as I know. I regret being incapable of getting across to my father his need of a savior, and when he was so ill, discussions of Heaven and Hell became even more touchy. So, I'm particularly sympathetic to the believing members of Christopher's family.

In studying the statements of Christopher Hitchens, it would seem that he has completely missed what Jesus accomplished for us. Mr. Hitchens had the good sense to abandon the left when he saw it for what it is. Since Mr. Hitchens is rightly focused on fighting the disease, a crass cancer analogy may be in order.

If Hitchens' mind is God and his body is the creation and the cancer is sin. Cancer is destroying the body and is so intertwined that eliminating the cancer is impossible without destruction of the whole body. Hitchens places his mind and will into a new specially designed cell. A cell with the capacity to absorb every bit of cancer in the body. Once the disease is absorbed, Hitchens destroys that special cell, saving the entire body.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Stay classy, bub.

prying1 said...

"I was convicted of my failure to consistently pray for my enemies."

I too get convicted of this same thing so don't feel alone. When reminded I pray for them for a while and then they do something stupid that ticks me off and I forget to pray for them until reminded again. - Thanks for the reminder.
I'm also reminded of a quote from Lincoln, "I destroy my enemies when I make them my friends." - Building relationships are the best way to effect conversions. Pray that the Lord leads Christopher Hitchens to make friends with a christian.

Anonymous said...

Hitchens is probably right about God. If you actually read the Bible, old and new testament, with even the slightest hint of trying to understand and make sense of it, you can clearly see that it really doesn't make much sense. It's full of inconsistencies, contradictions and unfulfilled prophesy. For one good example...if you can believe that what it says in the Bible is really true, Jesus said (in Matthew, Mark, Luke and maybe John) that some of the people he was speaking to would still be alive when the "Son of Man" came to bring the end of the world and final judgment. That obviously didn't happen, so what are you Christians waiting for?

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous
You take that statement out of context. Jesus was speaking to the apostles about the end times and the signs which would come to pass. From the time ALL of those signs are manifested, THAT GENERATION will not pass away before the second coming.

Another thing Christ told the apostles was that he deliberately spoke in riddles to confound the "wise". We must approach as children to learn the will of God in our lives, not as prosecutors trying to disprove an alibi.

Judge Bob said...

I tried sharing the gospel with my father and similarly, he never affirmed his faith in Jesus. Worse, one of my uncles died a slow unbeliever's death with prostrate cancer and again, similar to your relationship with your father the topic became more touchy toward the end. I will give my uncle this, he faced death as he faced life. Purposefully. He decided he didn't want medical assistance and in his final hour when knowledgeable family members tried to offer oxygen at a minimum, he literally fought them off. I remember reading a quote by Joseph Addison; a statement to the hardest hearts in his business and personal life toward God. When he figured his time was near he sent for these individuals to attend him in his last hour. When they were gathered around his bed he said, "Gentlemen, now see how a Christian dies." He was making the point that he knew his Lord, knew his destination and rested in that knowledge.

annathule said...

My mother is dying and heaven and hell is a MOST touchy subject. She comes from "good, study Calvanistic stock", which means she, to this day, believes ONLY in the redemption of the elect, the 144,000 from all the ages of the world. W/ that as a worldview, why should she see Jesus as her PERSONAL Saviour? As my dad died of cancer in 1999, I asked him, rather scared, on his deathbed, did he know Jesus as his Saviour? (God granted me that most gracious of all graces to have the chance to ask him.)He answered "yes" in such a way that it seeded a question long ago asked and answered. Thank you GOD!! (He grew up a poor southern boy in the 30's & 40's. Church no doubt was something he knew well.) Now w/ Mom? She's *so* counting on seeing Dad but for her to turn away her only chance? If there are folks who pray that read this, please pray that my mother's heart be softened. *I* believe, not knowing the mind of God of course, that she's been left this long to be given the chance to accept the opportunity to recognize her only chance. She's running out of time. "A slow unbeliever's death". How appropriate Judge Bob, and soooo sad.

I, too, lately have been convicted to pray for our leaders...but those "leaders" were leaving my son's family w/o pay, a son who's pulled 3 tours of duty and is destined to pull another 2 or 3 beginning within a year - how can I pray for these lousy bas....??? I hear the pure-d fright in my dau-in-law's voice and it's a fear we live day to day waiting on my husband's disability and looking at getting evicted. So how can *I* pray for these lunkheads?? They are KILLING my family!! I prayed for our landlord and God answered that in ways that are still unbelievable to us! I still have to work at praying *w/ feeling* for our leaders. Do you suppose God thinks I need to really LIKE them to pray for them? Right now, I just simply CAN'T scrape that up, it could only be found in me by the Grace of God. I try, I've got a few I like, I pray for this poor beaten down country and all her folks. Many dying in tent cities, or killing themselves for shame, or desperately trying to keep their families together by camping on friend's and family's couches or in cars. I CANNOT pray for those Wall St./Big Business thieves except as David prayed for the end of his enemies and I use his words. I just hope my kids learn the lessons their grandparents learned from the last Depression - how to invest wisely and hoard money for the next "rainy day". The lesson my generation - the sex-drugs-and-rock-n-roll, post-baby-boomers, 70's-left-out-of-Haight-Ashbury kids never did. Just like my Dad did...until Sept. 2009 wiped Mom out! Now she waits to die, hating life, and should be afraid of dying. Oh God help us all, PLEASE!

annathule said...

**seemed** a question long ago... Flippin' spell check! :)

Alice Polarbear said...

Oh Annathule, I feel so bad for you and your family! I will pray for you.

Christine said...

Thank you Alice Polarbear. And I'm sorry it took me so long to answer - it took Googling my user name to see where all it showed up! Mom is still alive, but almost fully blind. I think to myself "surely she must talk to God a lot now, maybe she and God have come to an acceptable agreement." I thank you for your prayers and I wish you well, too. Please don't start praying tho, 'k? I won't know 'til she answers me or I found out on the Great and Glorious Morning!