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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Die Schlange!

THIN SKIN IN THE GAME: Paste a Hitler mustache on a picture of your favorite political enemy and bingo, instant unspeakably evil monster. The American left has been engaging in this art form since at least Nixon, and reached its zenith with George W. Bush. Strangely, the moment some enterprising LaRouchie Tea Party crasher applied the same technique to a photo of The One, Lefty used the occasion to go berserk on the First Amendment via Hate Crimes legislation. Do these jackboots make me look fat? Okay, Hitler's ears were not as pronounced as Obama's, but if we go below skin depth, what do we find?

HAIRY SITUATION: Is President Barack Hussein Obama merely a hapless liberal Democrat embracing ideas foreign to America's foundation or is he an evil mastermind with world domination on his mind, or just a charismatic mouthpiece for a larger movement with world domination on its mind? Who knows? Hey, did Nimrod have any distinctive facial hair?


(to save space, my rambling diatribe is continued in comments section)


Papa Giorgio said...

Even though I am not a Catholic, you may enjoy this historical and apologetic defense of the Pope. Germany is thrown in our faces too often as a cause of Christians:

Defending the Pope Against Secular Attacks

Although busier than anticipated this holiday weekend, I will be contributing at this site here-and-there.

Papa Giorgio
"The man who does not read good books is no better than the man who can't." (Mark Twain)

Anonymous said...

Wow - what have you been smoking?