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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Love Me Doo

How does it feel to be one of the beautiful people? Ask Sir Paul McCartney, the cute Beatle. Unfortunately, what's cute on an infant, isn't on a grown man. So it was when Paul decided to verbally unload a full diaper's worth of peace-filled, loving effete snobbery on better than half of Amurrikuh at an award ceremony in the taxpayer financed Libarry uh Congress. Every notion he's ever endorsed has turned out to be false, destructive or both. So, when Paul urges us to lay off of Barack Obama because he's a great guy, do we figure the Dork Knight is finally right or go on his abysmal track record?

Bonus: View this toon in a mirror to get an urgent message from Sir Paul. –Dale


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Send him back to England, and never let that piece of crap back here. If it weren't for this country, he'd be considered average.

Dale said...

Woodsterman-George Martin is a genius.

TheDuke said...

Hey Dale, seen this one?

(or Google Image "Obama McCartney")

Sir Paul totally looks like Obama's mother.

Brian G Valentine said...

Hey Taxpayer -

How's it feel to get lambasted and insulted by a real Beatle?

Don't you wish he'd make a song about how lousy America is?

Peter Irving said...

McCartney's unmitigated support for Obama is reminiscent of the musical genius, Beethoven, who was so enamored of Napoleon that he dedicated a symphony to him. Later on, however, when Napoleon became so consumed with his own greatness that he declared himself 'Emperor of France,' Beethoven became enraged and expunged Napoleon's name from the title of the musical piece.

I have long been a fan of McCartney's music, but he is unfortunately pretty daft when it comes to political realities, among other things. He should just 'shut up and sing,' as someone once put it. On second thought, he should probably stop singing also because he can't even do that very well any more.

TheDuke said...

Paul is dead (to me)