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Friday, March 12, 2010

Malice in Plunderland

Plunderland, a strange place inhabited by thugs, bugs and reverse leprechauns. This crowd is so out there, even Tim Burton may be unable to make them creepier. –Dale


Papa Giorgio said...


You blow my mind every week! I love Biden in the background... I can't stop laughing!

Good Stuff!


Anonymous said...

If anyone reading this really believes the economic situation we are in was caused by the current Liberal government, I pity you. The very same lobbying forces control both sides. Your country has one party and that party spans EVERY COUNTRY that is influenced by the heavy industry/ manufacturing/ finance/ supply chain/ energy production of that party, which is really a small list of families. Refuse to believe it?...Do some research of your own from as many different sources as you can get .

TheDuke said...

Fantastic art! Many great details. Another winner from the classic Sarah Para Bellum artist.

As to Mr. or Ms. Anonymous' comment I will say that it is these Marxists in the Democrat Party-controlled Congress that have finally succeeded in provoking the current crises. They are now exploiting it to achieve their long awaited Marxist coup of the American Republic. They are anti-American communist traitors, and share responsibility with their RINO enablers.

Dale said...

Thanks to all for the great comments. Hope to keep you laughing Papa and I tend to agree with Duke's assessment of anonymous' theories. The federal government only needs to be involved in our lives with legislation which applies to all equally. Otherwise they need to sit down and shut up. Chris Dodd and Barney Frank obviously engineered the economy we're now enjoying. They pulled the trigger as an October surprise and the lefties are now in full pillage mode.


Debbie said...

You are amazingly talented and gave me a good giggle :)

Papa Giorgio said...


Anonymous, you seem to be speaking to us in an elitist tone ("I pity you") when you are trying to speak against elitism. I use to be the biggest New World Order guy, I had all the books on the subject, from the conspiratorial views of the French Revolution to ours, books by Gary Kah to Ralph Eppersen. I joined the John Birch Society and met Ron Paul and Ezola Foster during these times. So I understand where you are coming from.

In lieu of that, I hope you take some advice from me and spend some time (a couple of years maybe) and see if you are actually defending actual truth... or a lie from either doctrines of demons (theism), and/or man's fallen nature and proclivity to corrupt (theism), or if you are determined (atheism) to espouse such proclivities by synapses' firing affecting your chemical reactions in your brain induced by interaction with your environment which is a culmination of random atoms colliding over 13 billion years. In which case theism is the only viewpoint that one can know what is truth or not.

So from a theist, I recommend you read a book by David Barton entitled, The Question of Freemasonry and the Founding Fathers. This book deals with many of the conspiratorial stories surrounding the founding of our nation and the "dark forces" that supposedly shaped many of our governmental powers. Dealing even with the markings on the dollar bill and layout and design of Washington DC.

A second recommend is listening to debate on the issue. People learn the most by hearing both sides hashed out and points and counterpoints discussed. The place that offers this the most is a radio show every full moon. Michael Medved has "Conspiracy Day" (3hrs) every full moon. If you cannot listen to it live on the radio (870am in LA) or online (http://www.krla870.com/), Michael Medved has a podcast on iTunes. That costs $$ for a monthly or yearly subscription (something well worth you adding to your litany of making sure you espouse truth and are not passing on mistruths).

A third recommend is my website. In the lower half of the right-hand column I have a section entitled: "Conspiratorial Shenanigans." In that box you will find many resources on various topics. Please, if you need to converse through some of this, you can reach me via my email at the top of the my site.

Much Thought and Great Hope for the Truth Setting You Free,

Papa Giorgio


Anonymous said...

The Duke you wouldn't know Marxism from Stalinism or Communism from Fascism