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Friday, February 19, 2010

Captain Omerica

The National Endowment for the Arts in total cooperation with the American Left, have recognized an exciting new genre of art called, Exstretchionism. Exstretchionists are marked by their liberal use of spandex to wrap propaganda for consumption by the young. You'd think artists and writers would recoil at the thought of suppressing free speech, but not these guys. This new breed bravely follows the orders of their masters.

The Tea Party threat. Speaker Pelosi couldn't quash it with the "Astroturf" moniker, so it needed to be tied to something sinister that the sane would reject. The Washington Post, New York Times, and the usual suspects in the media are playing along, by taking great pains to associate the Tea Partiers with McVeigh, Kaczynski and today the murderer from Austin, Texas has made the list. But this threat is so serious, that credibility will be required. They needed Superhero endorsement! The rest of the true story here.


Mrs. Polly said...

What great artwork you do! But your post doesn't make sense to me; though Tea Partiers may object to how they are portrayed, isn't retracting artwork because of their objections repression of free speech?

Dale said...

You're right. In my opinion, Marvel should stick to their guns, if they believe their insinuations about the Tea Party movement are true, but of course they know they've been caught propagandizing. They voluntarily changed the panel because of their bottom line not because they were pressured by speech police. The right shouldn't use political correctness to silence their opponents, but I don't think calling the left out to either support or retract their lies is repression. Thanks for your comment and your interest in my work. Hope you'll come back.

Eric Morris said...


I just found your blog and you have some amazing work here. I hope that your numbers match your talent. I run a site called The Funhouse. I would love to set up something where I could cross-post some of your amazing art. If you are interested email me @ ericmorris780@aol.com

I'll be checking your blog regularly.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting to note how you Conservatives cry: "Non-Patriot (with terrorist undertones)", whenever someone questions your leaders. You expect nobody to question your ridiculous, that is to say illogical and meaningless, media driven modern day "tea party"? I mean tea... seriously that made some sense a couple hundred years ago.

TheDuke said...

You've captured the evil intentions of the 0bama cult with American protest amidst angst. Two Americas, indeed. BH0 is a lying terrorist loving anti-American radical Marxist muslim traitor, born in Kenya(IMHO, but the "Anonymous" character above will probably never get it, or ever even care).