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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Sarah Para Bellum

Move over, Rosie the Riveter. Here comes Sarah, and it’s not just rivets she’s packing. –All Right Magazine

No matter how you feel about Alaska's former governor, everyone has an opinion. Today, America is arguably in peril from forces potentially as destructive as Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. During WWII Rosie the Riveter kept 'em flying, and today when most of our "conservative" leaders are majoring in hand-wringing, the girls are stepping up. –Dale


Josh Painter said...

Dale, we respectfully request permission to reproduce your Sarah Para Bellum graphic on Texas for Sarah Palin.

We will be only too happy to give you a link and our gratitude for permission.


- JP

Chris Muir said...


cookboy said...

T-shirt. You'll sell a million of 'em.

Anonymous said...

Instant American cultural classic - I had forgotten about the Rosie the Riveter that you draw upon but I have the "We Can Do It" version with Rosie flexing her biceps framed on the wall.

Congratulations, sir. Well done, indeed.

Jett said...

*That* is a beautiful piece of artwork. I'd buy a poster in a heartbeat.

rayra said...

Great illustration!

seconding the t-shirt comment.

rickl said...

I love it, and I would definitely buy a poster and T-shirt.

I noticed an error, though, and it's a big one.

The pattern of stars on Sarah's flag is identical to the Rosie the Riveter original by Norman Rockwell.


Which means it's a 48-star flag. Which would tend to exclude Alaska. (!)

FASTAC 6 said...

Beautiful. I, too, NEED the T-shirt.

Anonymous said...

I love it. And I love the moose party mascot!!! Perhaps we should start a new real Republican party...the Palin Republican.

Sean G (AKA - Papa Giorgio), M.A.T.S. said...


Great Stuff. I have linked you under Political Cartoons & Art section of my "Daily Habit" section, as well as my blog-roll. Good stuff!


Freedom Doormat Co. said...

Great poster! Would love permission to use it in merchandizing!

Goon said...

This picture is awesome, any way I can use it too?

rickl said...

I just ordered a poster, as promised.

And thanks for fixing the flag!

Defender of Truth said...

When I first saw this image, I smiled. But, I was drawn to it more than just a glance would satisfy.

I drank it in, slowly at first, then I gulped. I was puzzled, almost confused.

Then it hit me, full force, and goose bumps appeared on my arms, tears ran down my cheek.

You hit a spot...in the Heart, the Soul, and the Brain, all at once and, with such intense force that, to be honest, leaves nothing else to be said.

Thank you.

TheDuke said...

Sarah Para Bellum, Prepare for War. Indeed. Fantastic art! Already a classic.

Anonymous said...

Yay! Lets all support a dumbass whore for president! That sounds like a swell idea!

Dale said...

Hey anonymous, I didn't know your mom was running. Good luck to her.

Anonymous said...

Oh...your momma jokes. Thats original

Sheryl said...

Thank you.
I admire your talent, your expression and ability to invoke thought and feeling with your brushstrokes.
Would you also share what Old Testament scripture you refered to on one of the buttons adorning Sarah's blue dress?

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