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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fort Diversity

A Muslim in the U.S. military — a danger? Who could have thought it possible? If only all those hours of diversity and tolerance training worked both ways…

The religion of "peace" strikes again, and our leaders tap dance to the tune of political correctness. May the living and true God comfort the families of the fallen at Fort Hood, and bless all those in uniform who serve our nation in defense of liberty. The least of them is far more valuable than all the mealymouthed politicians in the world.


ParaPacem said...

Dale - just happened by but will be back and will link to your blog.
It is good to see others with the guts and honesty to point out the truth; my personal thinking is that the killer should have received one more round to the back of the head instead of a trip to be healed at our expense; and the CO of Ft. Hood who nearly peed his pants in his rush to assure other terrorists / muslims that he would keep them safe, should also be tried, found guilty and hanged.
This is treason, by any account.
Hope & change, eh?

Jen Shroder said...

And we'll link to this from Molly's Cannons, thanks

Hope you don't mind if we copy it... lemme know if so